Marquess-Surratt Wedding

Kristen definitely showed me it was okay to be selfish when it comes to bridal makeup. As a person who does not regularly wear makeup: She didn’t complain when I questioned EVERYTHING she did, came back for two separate makeup trials or bombarded her with Facebook messages leading up to my big day. She kept a big beautiful smile and reassured me that I had nothing to worry about. Kristen is fun and quickly became part of the “girls” the day of the wedding, which helped everyone to relax and enjoy getting pampered. She is knowledgeable and open to all forms of makeup; she was patient as I got comfortable and,  eventually, I wanted to add more and more make up the day of my wedding. She also recommended an amazing moisturizer which I still use (and swear by) a year later. You will not go wrong with Kristen!

Kristie ~ October 18, 2014